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Alarm System

For more than 30 years, ALARM SYSTEM has been offering households, public authorities and private companies a full range of efficient security services. We have acquired extensive experience and know- how allowing us to offer outstanding levels of quality in our services, fully meeting our clients’ requirements and needs.

Over the years, we have built a portfolio of long-standing loyal clients, who are the best testimonials of our deep commitment and efforts in pursuing quality targets. We have achieved the highest quality on two related fronts: the employment of highly qualified and trained staff, and the use of cutting-edge technologies, always up to date with emerging security requirements.

Over the years, our business has constantly grown and evolved and our client portfolio has steadily expanded, without ever experiencing periods of contraction or slow-down.

We are able to deliver high levels of security while also optimising cost effectiveness and offering competitive rates, thanks to our well-oiled organisation, which comprises specific departments and professional profiles. This allows us to use our resources in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, fully meeting our clients’ security needs and ensuring the highest degree of protection of the premises entrusted to us.

ALARM SYSTEM couples the high professional know-how of its staff with a fully integrated organisation. This is designed to accommodate future evolution, and is based on a best practice model of transparency and efficiency in the private security sector.

Our client portfolio includes a long list of major companies and public authorities, at regional and national level. We are proud of this result, achieved thanks to our qualified staff, carefully selected and trained in accordance with all regulatory requirements, all with excellent interpersonal skills and having a good knowledge of the English language.

We give top priority to the changing security needs of society: that is why we constantly update our structures and organisation to keep abreast of regulatory changes and the latest security technologies, steadily aligning our setup and equipment with new operational requirements. We focus in particular on upgrading our staff’s skills, by ensuring they regularly attend retraining and updating courses, in order to maintain a forefront position in the electronic security and security guard market.

This policy focus has ensured that over the years ALARM SYSTEM staff have served our company with great distinction, displaying a deep sense of duty and responsibility.
For the past 30 years we have engaged with commitment and conviction in a strategic organisational evolution which has enabled us to keep pace with the changing times and the requirements of society. In particular, the security of real and movable property and public safety in general require the adoption of the most advanced security systems, in line with the latest regulatory reforms.

Some examples include antiterrorism security services at sensitive places such as ports, hospitals and museums, anti-robbery security, CCTV surveillance of sites and buildings, surveillance of homes, and the new generation of security equipment, including x-ray and metal detector systems. The responsibilities and social implications attendant on these activities require us as a security firm to base

our business culture on principles of legality, legitimacy, transparency, and on the use of rational systems.
Alarm System is today a well-established leading security services provider, with headquarters in Cagliari and branch offices in Milan, Rome and Tunis, and operations branches in the Province di Oristano. We are currently in the process of being licensed to operate in the provinces of Sassari, Nuoro and Olbia Tempio as well.



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